Myth of Ardhkumari gufa

Ardh Kuwari Cave lies about mid way to the main Vaishno Devi shrine. While hiding from a malicious sage, Ma Vaishno found this narrow cave and spend around 9 months meditating. When Bhairavnath finally found out about this cave, legend has it that the Goddess used her trident at the other end of the cave to create an opening, which lead to the Bhavan (or the main shrine). When Bhairavnath followed her there, she took the form of Mahakali and beheaded him. Today, this cave acts as a stopover for the pilgrims on their journey up to the Bhavan. There is a long queue leading to a narrow opening at the base of the rock wall, through which one has to crawl for a few minutes to reach the other side. A large shrine dedicated to the three Goddesses--Kali, Laxmi and Saraswati is also built here. The darshan route is semicircular, so that you exit from a different opening at a small distance from the entry route.