Bhairav Mandir

Bhairavnath was a demon in the old times who was after the goddess to abolish her and establish himself as god. He was an evil at heart and did mal practices to harm Mata and her devotees. It is believed that Mata hid her in the caves of Garbha Joon to escape from Bhairavnath.

Story behind establishment

When Bhairavnath came to know that Mata was hiding in the caves of Ardhakuwari, he went there. His manifestation with goddess happened at the darbar of holy cave. It is said that Mata was so angry with him that she beheaded him with a sheer force. This made his skull fall at a distance of 2.5 kilomtres from the darbar at a place that is now famous by the name Bhairavghati. At the time of his death he showed deep regret to the goddess and since Mata was known to the fact that Bhairav did all this just for the sake of achieving salvation. She granted him freedom from salvation and gave him a boon that the please where his head fell will be a place to house Bhairavnath temple and the yatra to Vaishno Devi shall not be considered complete without visiting here. Bhairavnath darshan marks the completion of the pilgrimage and this is the reason why it is very famous among people.

Significance of Bhairavnath temple

Since, Bhairavnath had a boon from the goddess that the trip shall not be complete until people visit this temple, it is of great significance among people. This temple can be reached by following the steep path of haathimattha that starts just after ardhakuwari. People are obliged to visit here for fulfilling their wishes and completing their yatra.